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Team Alvarez Insurance uses Dataimporter to streamline data loads, and improve data quality.

Key Outcomes:

  • 50% Time Saving
  • Improved Data Quality
  • Collaboration through shared Jobs
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Sercante uses Dataimporter to migrate large and complex batches of data from legacy systems to Salesforce and from Salesforce to Salesforce.

Key Outcomes:

  • Both projects completed on time and in budget
  • High customer satisfaction scores and excellent results for our customers.
  • Improved accuracy of data with Rollback, and Formula functionality

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Cloud Pathfinder Consulting brings a more advanced import tool to their customers

Key Outcomes:

  • Realized immediate savings of 50%+
  • Enabled end-users to take control of simple data loading process
  • Opened the door to more advanced connections between their outdated point of sales system and Salesforce
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