Sercante uses Dataimporter to migrate large and complex batches of data from legacy systems to Salesforce and from Salesforce to Salesforce.




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Sercante is a global Salesforce consulting firm for the marketer. Guided by their vision of making marketing teams wildly successful on the Salesforce platform, they meet customers where they're at. Working across products ranging from Pardot and Marketing Cloud to Sales Cloud and Analytics, they deliver implementations, managed services, complex process integration, and develop custom third-party API integrations.

Key outcomes:

  • Both projects completed on time and in budget
  • High customer satisfaction scores and excellent results for our customers.
  • Improved accuracy of data with Rollback, and Formula functionality

Challenge - Complex Migrations

“We had two projects where Dataimporter was absolutely vital for the efficient and accurate delivery of the data migration work.”

The first project was a migration from a legacy CRM system which was on-premise to Salesforce. The challenge there was many millions of rows of data many of which had numerous relationships. The intent was to use the old system IDs as keys for setting relationships, with standard Salesforce dataloader, but the process of using external IDs with dataloader involves using the upsert feature which was taking way too long to accomplish. “The other challenge here was we needed this solution to be repeatable. We were required to perform multiple loads of the full data set for testing and quality assurance.” Sercante made use of the Sampling and Rollback features to quickly test, undo, and deploy their data loads.

The second project was a Salesforce to Salesforce migration, and Sercante made use of Dataimporter’s Salesforce to Salesforce connector.  “The most complex piece of this was their multi-level account hierarchy. The challenge here was that the client had a very tight timeline which translated to approximately 10 business days to do this migration.” Sercante were able to link related records using the Lookup Relationships in Dataimporter, and the use of the Salesforce to Salesforce connector meant that they were able to complete the migration quickly and accurately.

Why Dataimporter

“We went with Dataimporter for these use cases because after testing it was clear that we would have the best result by going all-in with this tool. It is worth noting that the cost of the Enterprise license is slightly cheaper than other alternatives but the feature set and the capabilities of Dataimporter are well beyond the competition.”

Sercante was able to get set up and working with Dataimporter in minutes. “Getting set up with Dataimporter is almost as simple as oAuth login. The tool itself is very intuitive and the level of support we got when we had questions was exceptional.”

"I think we used every single feature of the tool. For import jobs we particularly appreciated sample data and data rollback. We also made heavy use of the formula feature which allowed us to write data to a Salesforce field that was not contained in the data file."

We also made use of the migration functionality and my personal favorite is the export with data append which essentially acts as a vlookup inside of Dataimporter.

There was a need for a product with a comprehensive feature set. Sercante had multiple consultants working on the projects at the same time, and needed to be able to quickly test out and undo imports.


Customer Satisfaction

Using Dataimporter, we were able to complete the Data Migrations on time, even with the complexity of the data. This lead to us achieving high customer satisfaction scores for the project.

Accurate Data

The accuracy and complexity of the data made these migrations particularly challenging. Being able to use features such as Rollback, Sampling, and Formulas ensured that the data being migrated was accurate, and any errors could quickly be corrected.

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