Features built for you

Being a Salesforce Admin can be a stressful job, and dealing with Data can quickly add to that stress.

Use Dataimporter for your Data Loading needs, and make use of features such as Rollback, Retry, and Sampling. With Dataimporter you can undo Inserts, sample random rows from your Data before processing the entire file, and Retry Failed records.

Collaboration for Teams

Do you work as a team, and have multiple people doing Data Loading? Gone are the days where you need to manually send Mapping and CSV files.

Use Dataimporter's sharing features to quickly and easily give your team members access to the Jobs, Mappings, and Formulas that you have created, to have a centralized process for your data loading.

Integrations made Easy

Integrating your business systems with Salesforce is a common request. With Dataimporter you don't need to be an API expert, or be responsible for the maintenance, reliability, and features of a custom built integration.

Dataimporter offers many pre-built connectors for you to connect your Salesforce with, and begin pushing data in minutes.




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