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Set up Integrations for your Customers

Setting up, configuring, and handing over integrations is often a messy process.

With Dataimporter, you can have your customers and consultants working together, with full control over View and Edit access to Integrations, and Jobs. We know that cost is often a roadblock for using an External tool, so you can use Dataimporter for Free during an Implementation. Contact Us below for details.

Org-to-Org Migrations

Are you in the process of merging multiple orgs together, or need to set up a regular stream of data from one org to another?

Use Dataimporter's Salesforce to Salesforce connector to easily and reliably connect your customer's orgs, create migration templates, and run the migrations, relational data included!

Partner Support & Licencing

Dataimporter offers specialised support and licencing to make sure your Consultants are getting the most out of Dataimporter.

Connect as many Customer Orgs as you need, to make sure that you are never restricted with the number of Sandboxes you can test in.

Dataimporter provides a flexible licencing model for Partners, letting you have unlimited user, record, and customer licences for a fixed price fee every month. Contact Us on the form below to learn more.




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