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Migrate Configuration Data

Have configuration data as part of your product?

Use the Migrate feature to Deploy the records from one org to another. Use the Migration Templates, to make sure all of your Product's objects are required, and all of the relational mapping will be completed for you automatically.

Lock the Source Org, restrict which customers can be migrated and more advanced features are available for ISV partners so that they can deploy their product with confidence.

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Track Campaigns & Payments

Do you need to load your own data, to track marketing campaigns, billing data, or other information?

Use one of the many Integrations in Dataimporter to automate this process within your business.

Share Jobs and Integrations between different users in your team, so that everyone has a view of what Jobs are being processed.

Partner Support & Licencing

Dataimporter offers specialised support and licencing to make sure your Employees are getting the most out of Dataimporter.

Connect as many Customer Orgs as you need, to make sure that you are never restricted with the number of Sandboxes you can test and deploy in.

Dataimporter provides a flexible licencing model for Partners, letting you have unlimited user, record, and customer licences for a fixed price fee every month. Contact Us on the form below to learn more.




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