Cloud Pathfinder Consulting brings a more advanced import tool to their customers




Sacramento, California



Key outcomes:

  • Realized immediate savings of 50%+
  • Enabled end-users to take control of simple data loading process
  • Opened the door to more advanced connections between their outdated point of sales system and Salesforce.


When Cloud Pathfinder Consulting came to, they had tested a number of leading tools but were still searching for a robust yet user-friendly, cost-effective solution. Their goal was to find a single platform that could improve multiple customer experiences. 

"Switching was an easy yet quintessential choice to make while upgrading a client from Salesforce Classic to Lightning. I haven't even explored its full potential yet but the main benefit that sets it apart from competitors to me is that a single license does not limit you from connecting to multiple Salesforce orgs."

"Dataimporter made it easy to import scheduled unchanged original CSVs into the Salesforce production environment while simultaneously importing similar data into a new Salesforce object architecture in a Sandbox environment, meaning no disruption of daily sales activities while we worked to enhance the client's org.”

Challenge: Legacy tools

"My clients were unfortunately tied to an archaic point of sales system, a system which offers almost 0 capabilities for integrations and yet is the industry standard for their field. helped close the gaps and offer a more advanced scheduled import tool, opening the door to more advanced connections between their outdated point of sales system and Salesforce."


User Friendly

Record upserts and the population of lookup fields are designed to be so user friendly, even my non-Salesforce certified clients quickly learned how to set up scheduled upserts.  Another feature I'm eager to play around with is the ability to disable validation rules before insert, then having them automatically re-enabled after the job runs.

Unbeatable ROI saved my clients money because a single license was cheaper than the leading tool they were using, and while using the prior tool they would have doubled the cost of their license to be able to send data into their production and sandbox environments at the same time.

Accessible support

"The dataimporter team is also extremely easy to get a hold of and offer support when needed."

To relieve a painful import process, Cloud Pathfinder Consulting leveraged simultaneously run jobs in production a sandbox

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