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Dynamic Data with Formulas

Need to add extra columns to your source data, or reformat the data before it goes into Salesforce?

Dataimporter offers flexible Formulas so that you don't need to do manual work in Excel. Create formulas to Combine fields, split, and replace strings, as well as more complex logical statements like IF, ISNULL, and CONTAINS.

These formulas can then be reused across multiple Jobs, so you only need to create them once.

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Filter your Data

If you are using an External Source such as PostgreSQL, you can use SQL Where statements, to only import the data you need.

Using a CSV or Excel file? Then you can create a formula to decide which Rows should be imported.

The great thing is that these Filters are remembered so each time you run the Job, only the correct data is imported.


Dataimporter looks through your data, and automatically matches your source columns, to Salesforce fields, by the API Name or the Label.

Once you go through the Mapping stage, your Mapping is saved and remembered automatically, so you only need to configure each Job once.

Use Lookup Relationships for when you don't have the Salesforce Ids in your Data, and Dataimporter will do all of the heavy lifting, and find the right records for you!




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