Migrate Data from one Org to another with dataimporter

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Complete Migrations and Merges

Using the Salesforce to Salesforce Integration, you can quickly and easily migrate Data from one Org to another.

Dataimporter supports all Standard and Custom Objects, including:

- ContentVersion
- Attachments
- Emails
- Knowledge Articles
- Managed Package Objects

Work in a company with multiple Orgs? Use the Migrate feature to run and automate data flows between the orgs. Easily switch out the source and target org so you can test in Sandboxes, and then run the Job in Production.

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Use for Sandbox Seeding

Using the Migrate feature, you can set up Data Flows using any source or target org.

Send data from Production to a Sandbox environment, or from a template org to a new dev org, and get your testing and automation up and running quickly.

Even better, you can fully automate these Jobs, so that your Sandboxes are always up to date with the correct data.

Create Migration Templates

Enterprise Customers can create Migration Templates, where you define exactly which Objects are migrated and in what order.

Even better, all of the Relations are mapped and created for you automatically, so you don't need to worry about creating External Ids.

Migration templates come with additional functionality such as Locking Source Orgs, stopping the template if an Object fails, and restricting migrations to be run between the same Org.




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