Why Salesforce Admins choose dataimporter?

Save time

No need to download any software, login with your Salesforce, and get importing within minutes.

Setup templates, reuse precise uploads. We'll remember your mapping and cleaning rules.

dataimporter.io | stop wasting time on manual Salesforce imports

Ensure data hygiene

Use our data cleaning functionality such as Deduplication, and Formulas to make sure your data is clean, before going into Salesforce.

Create your own custom deduplication rules and review removed records.

Rollback errors

Realize you have missed a field mapping, or have something wrong in the source data? Use our Rollback feature to undo the import and delete the records immediately.

Records failed because of a validation rule, or a missing lookup record? Use our Retry feature to reprocess only the failed records, without needing to go through and create a new job.

Founder-led development

We are always listening to our customers' feedback, and continuously developing and improving the product.

We are using the latest Salesforce API versions, and will continue to stay up-to-date. Want to use the product but a key feature is missing?

Simply use the live chat, or email sam@dataimporter.io and we will do our best to build you what you need.