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SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is a secure protocol for transferring files over a network. It uses an encrypted connection to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of transferred data. SFTP is a widely used protocol for transferring files between computers, particularly in business and enterprise environments where security is a concern. It is commonly used as an alternative to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) due to its improved security features.

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Import from SFTP to Salesforce

Import CSV Files from your SFTP server to Salesforce. Insert, Update, Upsert, or Delete Accounts, Contact, Leads, Opportunities, Custom Objects etc.

Schedule Jobs to be run automatically

Set up your mapping , cleaning rules, and schedule the jobs to be run automatically, on a schedule of your choosing.

Create your SFTP Connection

Use Wildcards for File names

A common use case for files sent to an SFTP Server is that they will have the date appended to them e.g. Account_Import_20220101.csv. With Dataimporter.io, you can use wildcard names, and we will find the latest file that matches the name for you. Using the same example, you can set up an Account Insert job, using the file name 'Account_Import*.csv'

Each time the job runs, we will look for files which match the wildcard you provided, and sort the file by latest modified date. This way, you will have a history of files in the SFTP Server, and the latest file will always be used.

Rename Files after Processing

Use the custom file renaming option, and Dataimporter will automatically rename the processed file for you.

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