How to Insert Content Versions with Dataimporter

Sam Hoult
October 20, 2022
You can easily Import Content Versions into Salesforce using Simply put your files into a ZIP file, create a CSV reference file, and begin importing in minutes.
TIP: You should review the Batch Size and API type before inserting a large number of ContentVersion records. The recommended API Type for ContentVersion in Dataimporter is the REST API, with a Batch Size of 10.

1. Create an Insert Job

Create a new Job, making sure you choose Insert as the Job type. In the Source, make sure you have selected CSV.

2. Upload your ZIP & CSV File

The ZIP file should contain all of the files that you wish to Insert. The CSV file must be called 'format_file.csv' and must contain a column called 'PathOnClient'. This column should contain the name of the files as they are in your ZIP File.

3. Map the Fields

Map the fields based of the information if the CSV Formatting file. You should not map the Body field at this stage.

4. Preview your Insert

Preview your Mappings and Formula fields to make sure the Data is as you expect. Once you are happy with this, you can click on Submit to run the Job.

5. Run the Job

View the History of the Job to see how many records succeeded and Failed, as well as perform Functions such as Rollback.

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